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Free STEM Lessons

GOAL! is a series of fun and innovative sports-themed STEM lessons, aligned with Victorian & Australian Curriculum, and NSW Syllabus.

Designed for Levels 3-8


As former teachers, we get the sweat and magic that goes into crafting a great lesson! All our GOAL! lessons are created by teachers and tested in real classrooms to make sure students can dive in, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate together. We make it super easy for you to plug and play with detailed lesson plans and all the fun resources students need.


Mapping lessons to the curriculum is crucial but can be a real headache. We've done the heavy lifting so you can focus on bringing these lessons to life in the classroom. Plus, we'll stay on top of any curriculum changes to ensure you can keep using these lessons with new classes without a hitch.


Just like us, students love sports stars, so each of our GOAL! lessons includes a video featuring a sports star who introduces the lesson and helps draw the connection between the STEM-based activity and their sport. Play this at the start of the lesson to get your students buzzing!


Sport and play are powerful vehicles in Education. Introducing a sports context in learning improves attitudes towards abstract concepts and brings them into the real world. While integrating sports and play into lessons is beneficial, it demands precious time and energy, which are often scarce for teachers. That's why we created GOAL! 

Get a taste of the lessons

3 Lessons To Get You Started


Goalie Reaction Experiment

Can your students conduct experiments to see if they have faster reactions than Goalies?


Shot Challenge

Can your students improve the functionality and accuracy of a basketball catapult?


A Chance
At Victory

Can your students build a Supercars Championship team using a set budget?

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