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Game Day

Game Day is an immersive AFL-themed excursion, aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, that engages Levels 5 and 6 in STEM through cutting-edge technology.

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PLEASE NOTE: Bookings can only be made for up to 30 students or less due to the size of the classroom.

Game Day
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See how Game Day links to the Victorian Curriculum.

All 105 of our Grade 6 students had an incredible time at The Huddle's Game Day program. It challenged them to think critically and collaborate on STEM tasks, from building pendulums to kick a ball through for a goal to devising a solution for rolling a marble through from the 50-meter line and navigating Sphero courses using technology. Exploration of concepts like artificial and emotional intelligence, grit, and mindset not only enriched their education but also empowered them to identify personal characteristics crucial for lifelong success. 

Chris Baba, St Christopher's Primary School

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