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When volunteering at The Huddle, you play a key role in fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all young people to learn, grow, and belong.

Volunteers play a huge role in our work here at The Huddle.

Since its inception, 1,000 volunteers have engaged over 120,000 young people from over 160 different cultures across Australia. They have donated more than 20,000 hours of their time, enabling The Huddle to deliver high-quality programs and invest over $23M back into the community.

When volunteering at The Huddle, you play a key role in fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all young people to learn, grow, and belong.

For your chance to create meaningful change in your community and positively impact the lives of young people, please apply below.

  • How do I become a volunteer for The Huddle?
    Apply using the application form. Prospective volunteers will need to meet the requirements outlined in the specific role descriptions, have a current Working with Children Check or Victorian Institute of Teaching card, and undergo a police check. Applicants will require face-to-face interviews and reference checks. Induction and training is provided to ensure you are ready to carry out your important role with us.
  • I want to volunteer in a one-off or short-term capacity. Is this possible?
    At the moment, we are looking for volunteers to assist with our weekly programs for a minimum of six months. We do occasionally offer one-off or short-term volunteer opportunities, which we will promote on our website.
  • How many hours a week does volunteering require?
    Depending on the program, usually between 1.5-3 hours per week. Our programs are all held in the afternoons, so it is possible to work full-time and volunteer.
  • How long does the recruitment and selection process take?
    The process usually takes a couple of weeks. However, all volunteers must attend a training and induction session before they begin volunteering with us. These are held once every three months.
  • Where are the volunteer roles based?
    Volunteer roles are based in both North Melbourne and Werribee and their surrounding suburbs. Specific locations can be found in the volunteer position descriptions.
  • Do I need a Working with Children Check?
    All volunteers must have a Working with Children Check. We can provide you with instructions on how to apply for one if you do not have one.
  • Who volunteers at The Huddle?
    We have all kinds of volunteers, from uni students to retirees. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds (and AFL affiliations!) who fit the criteria and are passionate about engaging and empowering young people.
  • Do you take work placement students?
    We are committed to taking a number of tertiary placement students every year. While we prioritise students from within our networks, we encourage you to email if you are interested. Please outline your placement requirements in the email. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to take on secondary-aged work experience students.
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