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Helping Others To Find Their True North

John King

2 Aug 2023

Confidence and communication skills to amplify ideas and stories.

Employment Experiences are paid opportunities for young people to contribute their skills to a real-world project and are offered to successful participants from The Huddle’s Game Changers program. Participants are immersed in a supportive environment, designed to build their confidence, further develop skills, and amplify their ideas, while gaining relevant experiences that will benefit their career aspirations.    


Suleiman is 24-year-old male from Point Cook, who participated in our Autumn Game Changers program. He, along with 19 other participants were posed the question: "How can we tell the stories of elite athletes in a unique and engaging way?" and taken through a series of workshops designed to develop transferrable and project management skills, through a media and communications lens. 


Working in small groups, Suleiman and his peers used ideation strategies to develop and refine a solution to the central question, before creating a media and communications plan for their idea, with an accompanying slide deck, which would be presented to a panel of industry experts at our Pitch Event and Networking session.


“I enjoyed meeting new people, being creative by brainstorming, collaborating with a team and using the 'yes and' mentality. It helped me understand that every idea has the potential to be a great idea.”


After presenting his ideas at the Pitch Event, Suleiman was able to build his networks with professionals from the media and communications industry, learning about their career journeys and sharing his own aspirations of forging a career in creative media.


Suleiman had displayed outstanding enthusiasm, professionalism, and reliability through his participation in Game Changers and was offered one of five Employment Experience positions, getting an opportunity contribute his own ideas to the next series of True North videos, before interviewing elite athletes from our AFL and AFLW programs.


“Game Changers has been really rewarding. This program has provided me with a platform to be creative and work on an exciting project.  Working alongside elite athletes was the best part. A great experience.” 


Game Changers Employment Experiences will continue to provide unique and relevant opportunities for young people to learn new skills, grow professionally and amplify their ideas to prove they truly belong in their aspiring career industries.


Game Changers programs run every school holidays, please click here for more information. 

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