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Opportunities to develop and showcase transferable skills through workshops, coaching, and supported employment experiences.

Game Changers provides participants an opportunity to learn and develop employability, transferable and project management experience through workshops, one-on-one Career Coaching and supported Employment Experiences.

Consisting of pre- and post-employment support for job seekers, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities, Game Changers identifies and nurtures talent through paid Employment Experiences, both within The Huddle and through partnerships with our business and community networks. Young people are supported through their career journey via case-management which takes the form of one-on-one consultations with either the Careers Coordinator or a Career Coach, based on the participants preferred method of contact, including face-to-face appointments, video, or phone call.

Participants are also brought together through various education workshops and forums, including with industry professionals to grow their skills, knowledge and networks.

Game Changers is delivered through collaborative partnerships with youth led cultural groups located within our communities, to ensure Game Changers is meeting the needs of local young people, while also allowing The Huddle to play a role in building the skills, knowledge and networks of these groups contributing to collective impact.

I wanted to say thanks for letting me join the Game Changers program. I found it really beneficial since not only did it allow me to meet new people, but also helped me form networks where I could ask for volunteering opportunities and potentially work. Through the workshops I was able to learn more about the transferable skills that I could use when applying for jobs - whether it’d be answering questions at a job interview or pitching a new business/community project idea. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who’s looking to develop career goals or need guidance at securing a job.

Rea Tinoy, program participant

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