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Students find their True North

Joshua Raymer

6 June 2023

Joining the Flemington Education Plan Strategic Advisory Group

During Term 2 of this year, The Huddle delivered multiple True North programs at three schools located in Flemington to help improve students’ capacity to succeed, aligning with the goals of the Flemington Education Plan. The goal of this plan is to aid “…the Flemington community in having high-quality, seamless education from birth that fosters positive health and wellbeing and the capacity to succeed.” True North, in a similar vein, helps students to develop an understanding of how their values and attributes shape their identity and future pathways. 


Early in 2023, The Huddle met with the Department of Education to discuss the Flemington Education Plan, and the opportunities available for The Huddle to collaborate with Debney Meadows Primary School, Flemington Primary School, and Mount Alexander College. Following this meeting, the three schools then joined and participated in The Huddle’s True North program. Students were empowered to discover who they are, and explored themes such as identity, values, persistence, social connection, and mindset, amongst others. The free program allowed students to learn more about themselves and one another, while providing teachers with an opportunity to observe their students with a different lens and approach to learning.  


The Huddle is no stranger to students from Mount Alexander College, Flemington Primary School, and Debney Meadows Primary School. For many years, The Huddle has delivered True North and Voice Your Voice to these students and has strengthened the relationship between The Huddle and these schools. 


The success of Huddle programs within the Flemington area is evident from the feedback from both students and educators alike.  


“Student engagement levels were high, and True North provided lots of opportunities for students to reflect.”

– Year 5/6 teacher, Flemington Primary School.


“The facilitator was attentive to student engagement, kind, and patient, and kept pulling students back to the purpose of the task. The tasks were engaging for the students and were targeted strongly towards the curriculum. As a teacher, I was able to find out more about the students, as I could observe them from a different perspective.

 - Year 5/6 teacher, Flemington Primary School


Following the successful delivery of True North at DMPS, FPS and MAC, The Huddle has now joined the Flemington Education Plan Strategic Advisory Group. The Huddle is also working closely with the Department of Education and Flemington-based schools to deliver additional Huddle programs such as Game Day, GOAL!, Math Hoops and more, with an aim of further enhancing educational opportunities for Flemington-based learners.  


If you would like to find out more about how to get your school involved in True North and other Huddle programs, please click here.  

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