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Shoot and Score

Annabel Dorey

14 July 2023

Empowering Primary Teachers with Engaging STEM Resources

As a part of The Huddle’s Education Team, Sophie Stewart and Annabel Dorey had the unique opportunity to present at its education partner, the Mathematical Association of Victoria's (MAV), regional and primary teachers conferences. The aim of the workshops was to engage primary teachers in the field of mathematics education by showcasing the exciting teaching and learning resources available through the GOAL!, Game Day, and NBA Math Hoops programs. This ongoing relationship with MAV continues to provide positive outcomes for primary teachers and their students across Victoria.

With a deep understanding of the potential of mathematics education, The Huddle developed a suite of interactive and engaging resources that integrate mathematics concepts with popular sports, including basketball and football. The goal was to inspire and motivate primary students to develop a passion for mathematics through their love for sports.

At the conferences, The Huddle's workshop, “Shoot and Score”, focused on the integration of sports-themed resources into the Victorian primary mathematics curriculum. The team demonstrated how GOAL!, Game Day, and NBA Math Hoops can be effectively used to enhance students' mathematical understanding while making learning fun and relatable.

The Huddle's hands-on approach to the workshop captivated the teachers and showcased how mathematics can be applied practically in sports. The session incorporated elements of problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork, allowing the teachers to experience firsthand the benefits of these resources.

The integration of sports-themed resources into mathematics education provides many advantages for both teachers and students. Primary teachers found the resources to be highly engaging and appreciated their versatility in catering to students' diverse learning styles. By incorporating sports-related scenarios into mathematics lessons, teachers were able to contextualise mathematical concepts, making them more accessible and relevant to their students' lives.

The Huddle's resources not only enhance student engagement but also foster the development of essential mathematical skills. Students are encouraged to apply mathematical concepts such as measurement, data analysis, and geometry to solve sports-related problems. The integration of real-world examples motivates students to actively participate in their own learning and apply mathematical principles to practical situations.

The Huddle's presentation at the MAV regional and primary teachers’ conferences successfully engaged teachers of mathematics and showcased the effectiveness of our sports-themed teaching and learning resources. By integrating the three highlighted programs, The Huddle empowered primary teachers to make mathematics education more exciting, relevant, and accessible for their students. Through this innovative approach, The Huddle continues to inspire a new generation of mathematically confident and sports-loving learners. 


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