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Sanhae's Spring

Emily Phu

31 Oct 2023

2023 Spring Huddle Holiday's Program

Huddle Holidays is a free school holiday program that provides young people with opportunities to try new experiences and develop their skills and capacity across social inclusion, health, emotional wellbeing, and leadership.

Throughout this Spring School Holiday program at The Huddle, Senior participants had the opportunity to go to Strike Bowling & Laser Tag, Bounce, and to compete in the Huddle’s Basketball Slam, offering a diverse range of activities to keep them engaged and excited.

School holidays can be a period where young people may disengage from safe social activities. The Huddle aims to contribute to the reduction of anti-social behaviour by providing activities to engage young people throughout the school break. Further, with the rising cost of living, young people may face financial barriers to access engaging activities, making Huddle Holidays a free option for both the youth and their families.

“Huddle Holidays was very fun, very inspiring, and very convenient because you brought us there and brought us back.”

Sanhae has attended Huddle programs over 60 times (including Huddle Holidays and Huddle Up!) since joining in 2021. He initially attended Huddle Holidays for the sports tournaments but attended every Senior program this time round.

“I had a lot of fun hanging out with the staff members who did Bowling with us and played Dodgeball at Bounce with us.”

When asked why Sanhae chose to come to Huddle Holidays for the first time, they shared that “…we are getting older, so there’s not a lot of opportunities left. I also don’t have anything else to do on the holidays. With costs and transport covered, I just had to show up - so it was fun! It was also nice to hang out with friends and make new friends too.”

Sanhae will continue to engage in the Huddle’s program, including Huddle Up! at Werribee Secondary College and Huddle Holidays. He is more interested in attending future Huddle Holidays to experience different activities during their school holidays, which speaks to the program's long-lasting impact and appeal to the young people of the North Melbourne, Flemington, and Wyndham communities.

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