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Participant Q&A: Nyaguich

Riley Goodwin

10 Jan 2022

We had a chat to former participant Nyaguich about her experience at The Huddle with all our awesome volunteers

We had a chat to former participant Nyaguich about her experience at The Huddle with all our awesome volunteers. She has been involved with The Huddle for many years and is currently on the team as an amazing Administration Intern.

How long have you been coming to the Huddle?

Since 2013, when I was doing my hospitality course I came here to get help. I heard about it from a friend who knew The Huddle. She told me North Melbourne had a football club and in there was a place that helped you with studying [Study Squad].

So you’ve been to Study Squad and you’ve also been involved with our volunteer, Heidi, through Game Changers?

I worked with Heidi to help me get a job and then I worked with other volunteers who helped me with my studies.

Are there any volunteers that stand out in your mind that you’ve worked with?

I worked with Tim, Heidi and then David. And plenty more volunteers but I don’t remember their names. A few of them are quite like family, because when I got my citizenship here in 2014 they came along.

You originally came here when you were studying hospitality, and then did you go on to study something else?

Yes, I did hospitality from 2013 and then I finished in 2015. In 2017 I started an accounting course from Certificate IV, then a Diploma, and then an Advanced Diploma. The team helped me through this course.

Are you studying anything now?

At the moment I’m doing a Certificate IV in Disability because I didn’t get a job in accounting and because I don’t have experience, so now I do the course one day a week.

You’re going to be very educated getting a lot of qualifications!

This is a Plan B for me, because if I get a job I can work. I’ve been working as a waitress for almost nine years, I want to change it. I think I deserve to change to another new job in accounting but I had no experience before I got this internship [with The Huddle].

What kept bringing you back to The Huddle for all those years? What was it that you were getting out of coming?

I live close to here, not very far away and the help from The Huddle is amazing. And now I have an internship here at The Huddle, which is amazing.

When you come in to Study Squad, do you normally work with volunteers, or do you work on your own?

Yes, before my internship I came here for my disability course to get help because English is my second language. I come here to get help.

Did you speak any English before moving to Australia? What year did you move here?

No. I moved to Australia in 2009 from Ethiopia. I learnt from The Huddle.

What have you gotten out of coming to The Huddle?

What I get from here, I don’t know how I can express my feelings of The Huddle. From 2013, I learnt how to go through school, now I got this internship opportunity. It has given me more confidence, especially in my accounting course. When I finished it, I was thinking “oh what am I going to do?”. I kept applying and got no jobs, because when you don’t have experience no one knows who you are and then this internship will give me the opportunity. I can put it on my resumé and it can help me to build my career.

I feel like I’m ready, ready for an accounting job! I know what I’m doing, I’m confident about the data entry, data analysis, it’s amazing.

Did the volunteers make you feel welcome?

Yes, people here are very welcoming. I feel confident, I feel Study Squad is home for me. When I come here I feel safe and relaxed.

I know everyone here, I know everyone’s name, it’s amazing.

Do you have a thought in particular that stands out to you in your time coming to The Huddle?

I think friendly. I feel like they are friendly and give me opportunity here. The help I receive is amazing.

For me I recommend this place to anyone I know, whether they’re struggling to find a job or for help with study. I can recommend The Huddle is a good place to go if you need any kind of help.

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