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North Melbourne Public Housing Residents Association Community Fair

11 July 2024

Celebrating community in North Melbourne

On Saturday, June 29th, 2024, the vibrant community of North Melbourne gathered at 33 Alfred Street to celebrate the official launch of the North Melbourne Public Housing Residents Association (NMPHRA). The inaugural Community Fair was a testament to the rich diversity and spirited culture of our local community.

Highlighting Diversity and Community Spirit

The Community Fair was a joyous occasion aimed at celebrating the diversity and community spirit that define North Melbourne. From cultural performances to interactive exhibits, the event showcased the myriad of cultures and traditions that thrive within our neighbourhood.

In addition to cultural festivities, the Fair also spotlighted the invaluable services provided by local organisations. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about and engage with initiatives that support education, health, and social well-being within our community.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of North Melbourne’s public housing community and discover how together, we can continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive neighbourhood.

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