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Giving Back to My Community

Emily Maiorana

13 June 2024

Jabrill is a young person from North Melbourne, who first engaged with The Huddle at age 13.

Over the years, he has taken part in a number of programs at The Huddle including, Study Squad, Huddle Up!, Huddle Holidays and our careers programs Game Changers, all of which have had significant influence on him. Jabrill continuously expresses that The Huddle gave him a sense of belonging as a young child and now as a young adult a variety of opportunities and launchpad to excel in his future.

Among the multitude of memories, learnings, and experiences for Jabrill, one that stands out is when AFL superstar Ben Brown volunteered at Study Squad and assisted Jabrill with his Math’s revision for an upcoming test. “I didn’t know he was a football player, but I think that’s what made it special”, said Jabrill. The space gave Jabrill the chance to dedicate appropriate time to his studies and earn results he was proud of.  

Maintaining consistent engagement with The Huddle, led to his participation in our careers program Game Changers in 2023. Game Changers, delivered in partnership with the Victorian State Government, Paving the Way Forward and Ubuntu Project, provides young people with the opportunity to authentically develop their transferable skills, gain industry connections and participate in a guided ‘Employment Experience’. Game Changers provides young people the opportunity to develop a project and pitch it to a panel of industry leaders at our Pitch Event. It was at this event where Jabrill met a leader within the North Melbourne Community, Kahlid, from The Center who delivers a range of programs for families living in North Melbourne. Jabrill has always been deeply connected to his community and has felt empowered to lead and give back and the connection with Kahlid would prove to be beneficial later in Jabrill’s employment journey.

Jabrill continued to access The Huddle’s Game Changers 1-on-1 support program where he received tailored assistance focused on developing and understanding his transferable skills, personal brand, professionalism and industry networks. Jabrill was also offered a ‘Paid Employment Experience’ position with The Huddle because of his commitment and enthusiasm at our Pitch Event. During this time, he worked as a casual with a group of young people on exploring ways to increase engagement between The Huddle and our community.

Towards the end of Jabrill’s ‘Employment Experience’, The Centre began expanding its community outreach programs and informed The Huddle about a new Community Development Officer role. Kahlid, who would supervise the position, was passionate about offering it to someone deeply embedded in the North Melbourne community. Jabrill was an obvious candidate for the role and didn’t hesitate to apply. “I knew The Huddle would help me put my best foot forward,” said Jabrill. Jabrill committed to developing a strong application, practised his interview skills with our Careers Coordinator in the lead up and was deservingly offered the position.

“The Game Changers program truly prepared me for what work would be like”.

Currently in addition to his role with The Centre, Jabrill continues to work as a casual with The Huddle at programs including Study Squad and Huddle Up!. Jabrill feels grateful to be on the other side of programs that once helped him thrive, and now enjoys working to provide similar opportunities in his own community to learn, grow and belong.

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