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Empowering Youth Through Sport

Stephenie Webb

8 June 2023

The Huddle Up! Senior Program in Wyndham

In the vibrant community of Wyndham, the Huddle Up! Senior program has been making a positive impact on young people's lives for the past 6 years. Developed in collaboration between The Huddle and Point Cook Senior Secondary College (PCSSC), this program aims to engage and empower youth through sport and recreation activities. With a focus on fostering inclusivity, belonging, and personal development, the Huddle Up! Senior program has become a catalyst for positive change in the community.


Established in 2017 with support from the Wyndham City Council, the Huddle Up! Senior program now runs in three locations across Wyndham and offers a safe and welcoming environment for students in years 7 to 12 to participate in sport and recreation activities. By leveraging the power of physical activity, the program promotes a sense of belonging within the community, enabling individuals, families, and the local community to thrive. 


Over the past three years, the Huddle Up! Senior program at PCSSC has been instrumental in creating acceptance of diversity and building an inclusive community. The program has helped young people develop social networks, make connections, and engage in physical activities in a psychologically safe space. Through discussions with program participants, it is evident that the program has become a vital outlet for after-school socializing and unwinding. A survey conducted this year showed that 72% of Huddle participants have built connections in their local community, and 85% have increased their physical activity levels since joining The Huddle. 

"It's an opportunity to unwind after school... the Town Centre is too overwhelming to hang out in after school."

- Program Participant


Beyond its recreational benefits, the program has empowered young individuals by fostering leadership and initiative skills. Participants are encouraged to organize themselves into teams, coordinate social round-robin tournaments, and even assist with umpiring and scoring. The program's positive influence has extended beyond the sports field, inspiring collaborative projects with partners like Wyndham Youth Services, which aim to further empower young leaders.


In 2022, the Huddle Up! Senior program at PCSSC attracted over 189 unique participants from 41 different cultural backgrounds. With a total of 1,196 attendances throughout the year, the program has effectively reached young people from 12 different schools across Wyndham. This year, registration numbers have been equally as promising, with 134 new registrations and 476 attendances from Nov 2022 until June 2023. With an average of 44 attendances per session, these statistics demonstrate the program's popularity and the strong desire for its continuation.


The Huddle Up! Senior program stands as a testament to the transformative power of sport and recreation in the lives of young people. Through its commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and social engagement, the program has created a positive ripple in the Wyndham community. 

Huddle Up Senior at Point Cook Senior, continues to run every Thursday night from 3:00pm – 5:30pm in the school Gymnasium. Register via the link here.

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