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Empowering Early Careers

Emily Maiorana

21 Nov 2023

Howard's Story

For many young people the expectation of needing to have your career path decided is both an unrealistic and overwhelming process. Game Changers is a program that instills confidence in young people, provides authentic experiences and uncovers skills that assist young people in defining their own career path.

In partnership with Equal Ed and Wyndham City Council, The Huddle delivered Game Changers to eager young people living, learning or playing in the city of Wyndham during the June school holidays. Fostering creative thinking, active problem solving, teamwork and project management, Game Changers acts as a launchpad for young people to develop skills, make new connections and gain real-world experience.

Howard is a 16 year old male from Wyndham, and has been a consistent participant of The Huddle’s Multisport program, Huddle Up!. Howard was encouraged to participate in Game Changers due to his proven leadership abilities and enthusiasm to professionally develop his skillset. The program took place over three days and saw participants engaged in ideation and project development workshops facilitated by Equal Ed, while The Huddle delivered job readiness sessions.

“What I enjoyed most about the program was the teamwork and connection created by the delivers and participants, The Huddle offered valuable support in building our personal character, Equal Ed shared practical knowledge and challenged our way of thinking and Liam provided us with connection to Wyndham Council”.

Howard alongside six of his peers were offered an Employment Experience position at The Huddle where they assisted the planning, recruitment, and execution of our Huddle Slam event for over 60 young people in the Wyndham community. “This opportunity has braced me for the future. I feel aware and reassured that I will not be overwhelmed by what a workplace feels like in the future,” said Howard.

As a result of the collaboration, Howard has felt supported and comfortable to engage in other programs to further elevate him on his early career journey. He took part in the Wyndam Emerging Professionals Network event, where he was able to connect with leaders from different industries and have safe conversations about his future endeavors. The partnership has allowed Howard to seek mentors across a variety of industries and gain access to a wealth of services who can further support him along the way.

“Aside from the development of my skills, the partnership has helped me build a foundation for my future”.

Howard will soon embark on a new challenge as he gears up to participate in the Change-Maker Summit held in Canberra in December. Howard is one of 25 young Australians who have been accepted into this program hosted by the Australian Olympic Committee.

Game Changers will again be delivered in Wyndham in Autumn 2024. If you would like further information about the program or other employment services offered at The Huddle, please contact Emily Maiorana at

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