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Amomai's Story

Steph Webb

4 Sept 2023

The welcoming environment that is fostered at Huddle Up!

Huddle Up! Senior at Eagle Stadium aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people to socialise and stay healthy together. On Friday nights, participants are invited to attend and play a social volleyball round robin tournament and practise their skills. 


Amomai first joined Huddle Up! at Manor Lakes College in May 2022. Since then, they have attended the Eagle Stadium program 29 times, as well as one of Huddle Holiday’s volleyball tournaments. A newcomer to the world of volleyball, Amomai enjoyed coming along just to hang out with their friends. Amomai and their large group were regulars at the Werribee Stadium, and program facilitators became quite familiar with the group of pals.  


“Before coming to the program, I really liked playing volleyball, but I wasn’t good enough to join a team, so this program has really helped me get better. It’s just really cool here”. - Amomai 


However, after some time, the group began to slim down, and Amomai was the last participant who remained a constant at the program. It seemed that a growing enjoyment of the program, as well as a development of skill and love of volleyball, were the main contributors to Amomai’s commitment.  Based on how much Amomai’s skills and confidence had improved, they continued to come down weekly to the sessions without their friends. 


I was able to make new friends at The Huddle once my friends stopped coming. I didn’t have a team but now I have two different teams that I can join each week.” - Amomai 


Thanks in part to the welcoming environment that is fostered at Huddle Up!, Amomai came down each week to the program with the confidence to make new friends. They always are the first to put their hand up and assist with scoring or fixturing teams.  


“Personally, I have seen Amomai’s confidence grow, not only in terms of their volleyball skills but also ability to join in with anyone and make all young people feel welcomed into the program just as they have experienced.” – Program Facilitator 


Amomai has made countless friends through Huddle Up!, and shares that they all regularly hang out outside of the program. Within the program, they have found that they are less worried about being vulnerable or making mistakes while learning new skills, thanks to these newfound friendships.  


“It’s my favourite sport. Before I used to stay home and now, I have something to look forward to after school”.  


As Amomai's story illustrates, Huddle Up! is not just about playing volleyball; it's about creating lasting bonds and offering young people a place to grow, both in skill and confidence.  


Huddle Up Senior at Eagle Stadium, continues to run every Friday night from 4:30pm-6:15pm and 6:15pm-8pm on Court 12. Register via the link here   

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