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Aida's Voice

Claudie Groves

19 Oct 2023

River Nile student's reflection on her 2 years participating in Voice Your Voice

Aida is the first to complete two rounds of Voice Your Voice, a collaborative and hands-on advocacy program delivered by The Huddle to local secondary and VCAL students. Like her introductory experience in 2022, this year’s initiative encouraged Aida and her peers at River Nile School to think bigger than just awareness-raising, and to think about what it truly means to feel safe, valued, and included in society. 

Together, this group of young women not only spoke about the issues that are commonly faced by people of refugee and migrant backgrounds, but also – and more powerfully – explored ways to mobilise communities and build capacity for meaningful social action in this regard. They participated in several workshops with Voice Your Voice throughout their third semester, creating short video campaigns on topics of their own choosing. 

“My group focused on racism, which is a problem many of us face every day due to our hijabs and skin colour.” 

“Being able to talk about something so persistent, hurtful and wrong is really important, and advocating for change means a lot to those of us who have personally experienced racism.” 

Last year, Aida and her team worked on a media project about cyberbullying, which they argue is just as pervasive and challenging. The issue’s popularity and resonance also meant that this team grew to be the largest in Voice Your Voice’s history. 

“Everyone played a role, whether that was doing voiceovers, writing the script, editing or starring in the actual video.” 

“I really want to thank The Huddle for providing us with this opportunity as people who are new to Australia.” 

Voice Your Voice aims to inspire students like Aida, giving them the tools necessary to self-advocate and contribute to cohesive communities where all feel they belong. 

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