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2023 Huddle Holidays Summer

Ruth Game

22 Feb 2023

Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club partnership with The Huddle

Over 300 young people and their families across the City of Melbourne, Moonee Valley City Council and Wyndham City Council have participated in The Huddle Anglesea Surf Trip since 2018.

This full day event is in partnership with the Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club (ASLSC) and provides young people, their parents, and caregivers the opportunity to participate in a day safely and supportively at the beach.

This event would not run successfully without the full support and in-kind assistance from the ASLSC including providing The Huddle access to their venue, a volunteer to cook lunch, and a 1:3 ratio of nippers to keep everyone safe in the water.

The Anglesea Surf Trip is the most anticipated activity within the Huddle Holidays calendar thanks to the generous and authentic contribution of ASLSC.

It's a pleasure to have The Huddle come to Anglesea. I've helped for many years now with my sister. It's nice to see familiar faces.- Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club volunteer

The Anglesea Surf Trip unites families to participate in a quintessential Australian Summer activity – swimming at the beach.

Numerous parents have declared their hesitation or inability to travel to Anglesea, so this activity allows for North Melbourne community members to be driven to the beach by coach.

I love this trip to the beach. I only go to local beaches and can't drive my children to Anglesea. This is their favourite Huddle activity. The ASLSC make us feel welcome every time. The volunteers are very friendly.- Parent

Once at the beach, a water safety session is provided by up to 50 volunteers from ASLSC who are young people themselves.

This water safety component is essential to build confidence in the water and trust with the volunteers.

Participants learn about rips and how to quickly call for help or get themselves to safety when in danger.

As the ratio of ASLSC volunteers to participants is 1:3, participants are supported safely in the water to take calculated risks and enjoy the surf.

Additionally, volunteers from ASLSC are exceptionally friendly and excited to engage with all participants and families of The Huddle.

The volunteers (ASLSC) are really nice and fun and keep us safe in the water. I get to go out deep in the waves with them.- Nine-year-old

For many families in and around North Melbourne, The Huddle Anglesea Surf Trip has become an integral part of the yearly Huddle Holiday experience.

Since 2018, The Huddle Anglesea Surf Trip, in partnership with the ASLSC, has welcomed over 350 young people and their families to a day at the beach.

2023 welcomed almost 60 participants, up to 50 volunteers and 10 Huddle staff for another fantastic day in the surf.

I wanted to tell you that I loved going to the beach with The Huddle. It’s my first time at Anglesea and I had the best time. I really want to go again next time. I loved surfing and being in the water.- Seven-year-old

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